• Take it from us, you cannot start planning your wedding too soon, especially when it comes to hair and beauty. To look your beautiful best on your big day, plan all your hair and beauty routines well in advance – do the groundwork now, make sure every minute counts so you’ll be relaxed in the knowledge that you look simply divine when it really matters.
  • IGorgeous Hair
  • One Year
    Start by getting into good habits. Wash your hair with the correct formulation shampoo for your hair type, then rinse with conditioner if needed. You should always apply conditioner to the old, dry ends of long hair but not to the oily roots as this will only make it limp.
    Make sure you have your hair trimmed regularly to guard against split ends and avoid overusing heated appliances and styling aids.
    If your hair is chemically treated, take special care to wash it with appropriate shampoo and conditioner, in order to achieve and maintain your hair in good condition.
  • Six Months
    Visit your hairdresser for a general chat about your hair and what you want to achieve. If you need to grow out a fringe or a perm, this gives you plenty of time. Discuss any radical changes of style and go for it now so that there’s still plenty of time to limit damage if you then decide it’s really not you. Your Wedding is not the time to try out a completely new style or a new hairdresser unless he or she comes tried and tested and highly recommended by a friend you trust. But do you trust any friend that much?
  • Three Months
    You should have ordered your wedding dress by now, so you will know the shape and style. Get together with your hairdresser for an in-depth consultation about your style options. Don’t feel you have to grow your hair and abandon all visits to the salon, it simply won’t work. Concentrate instead on the looks you can create with your length of hair. Take time to discuss any changes of colour. If you’ve never tried this before, use a colour-enhancing wash-in/wash-out variety to see if it suits you first, as any drastic changes of colour should be approached with caution. (Try Laboratoires  Garnier  Movida Easy-Cream, which works in 15 minutes and lasts 4-6 weeks. If you do use a permanent colour, apply this a couple of weeks before the Wedding so you won’t have any root re-growth.)
  • Six Weeks
    Have a practice session with your hairdresser so you can see if you like his or her wedding hairstyle suggestions and whether they suit you and your dress neckline. Make sure you take your headdress with you and don’t forget to say if you’re wearing a veil and, if so, whether you plan to take it off at the reception as this will affect the way your style is constructed and how it looks from behind.
  • Two to Three Weeks
    Have any colour treatments done now and if you are having a perm, give it time to drop before the big day. Whatever your style, have a trim to sharpen up the shape.
  • One Day
    Wash your hair the night before your wedding – freshly washed hair is hard to work with especially if you intend to put it up.
  • On the Wedding Day
    Don’t be afraid to use styling products – if you’re having a very structured or complicated hairstyle, its a good idea to get someone to carry a small can of hairspray so you can keep your hair under control at the merest hint of wind.
  • AliceBands
    Also called headbands, these are best worn with medium to long hair and should be worn with your hair down.
  • Coronets
    Just about anyone can wear a coronet but make sure you secure it by fixing it to your hair with long pins.
  • Fresh Flowers
    For a simple look, thread flowers through your hair or simply use them to cover the comb of your veil. Ask your florist to supply single loose flowers which will co-ordinate with your bouquet.
  • Tiaras
    All hair types suit tiara, just use pins to secure it in place. Bear in mind, a tiara might slip if you have very fine hair.
  • Combs
    Best for Medium to long hair, especially if you wear your hair up.
  • Hats
    Only wear a hat (with or without a veil) if it’s appropriate for your outfit.
  • Veils
    Try on a full range of veils when you are having your wedding dress fitted so you can see which length looks best, or none at all.
  • The Body Beautiful
  • One Year
    Not many Brides are one hundred percent happy with the shape of their body, so now’s the time to throw yourself into doing something about it – with a goal as important as looking completely gorgeous in your gown, you’re bound to be successful. Whether you want to loose a lot of weight, just a little or simply tone up, you should take a look at your diet. Weight loss is only permanent when it’s low and, to loose weight slowly you need to eat healthily. Crash diets simply don’t work when you most need energy. Exercise is the key to both weight loss and firming up, so introduce a simple regime that you will stick to and enjoy.
  • Six Months
    Get into good body habits by using a body brush or scrub at least once a week to slough away dead skin cells. Start at your feet and work up the body in small circular motions, always moving towards your heart. To make sure your skin stays extra smooth, after every bath or shower, smooth yourself with a good body moisturiser.
  • One Month
    Now’s the time to consider hair removal. If you want to remain smooth and hair-free through your honeymoon, waxing is your best option. However, to wax successfully hair needs to be a certain length and needs to be left to grow for at least a month. Other hair removal methods, like depilatory creams and shaving, need no consideration until nearer the day.
    If you are very pale and would like a little healthy colour as you walk down the aisle, consider the self tanning option. It takes practice, which is why you should give it a go now. It’s best to apply straight after body lotion so that its absorbed smoothly and evenly. Once you’ve mastered the art, you can either keep applying it until the big day (each application lasts about four days), or leave it until a few days before the wedding.
    Have a professional manicure, especially if your nails need a lot of work. if not give yourself a weekly mini-manicure (see below) from now until the big day.
  • One Day
    Do all those last-minute things such as removing unwanted hair, painting your nails and having a pedicure. If you’ve got time, treat yourself to a relaxing hour-long massage to soothe away any pre-wedding jitters. Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy yourself!
  • On The Day
    Relax in a luxuriously fragrant bath. The only way to ensure that your perfume lasts throughout your wedding day is to layer it with products of the same scent. Choose your (or your fiancé’s) favourite fragrance and then indulge yourself. Start by having a bath or shower using scented gels and soaps, then apply your body lotion or moisturiser, talc or deodorant and finish with a quick spritz of eau de toilette (pure perfume is too strong) on your pulse points. Don’t spray perfume directly on your dress as it will stain. Instead spray a cloud in front of you and walk through it.
  • Remove your nail polish and file your nails into shape. Ideally the tips should mirror the base.
  • Apply cuticle remover and leave for at least five minutes.
  • Cover the ‘hoof’ end of an orange stick with cotton wool and gently work back the cuticles from the nail plate.
  • Rinse your hands in soapy water and dry with a soft towel.
  • Massage in plenty of rich, hydrating hand cream unless applying nail polish – in which case, apply the base coat to protect your nails, two coats of colour and a top coat. Then use the hand cream.
  • Beautiful Face
  • One Year
    A clear, smooth, glowing complexion is every bride’s dream and it is achievable if you start early enough. Skin renews itself once every 28 days, so that gives you 12 new skins to improve on!
    Start by drinking more water – it’s next to impossible to drink too much and it will help clear your complexion. Good basic skin care is also a must, so make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturize morning and night. Facial exfoliators will help to make skin more radiant so use one at least once a week.
  • Six Months
    Treat yourself to a monthly facial, especially if you’ve got lingering skin ailments that home treatment won’t clear up. For serious skin complaints, ask your GP to refer you to a Dermatologist.
  • Three Months
    Now’s the time to think about your make-up. If you are not entirely confident about applying it yourself, give yourself plenty of time to find a professional make-up artist in your area or have a make-up lesson. If you’re planning to do your own make-up for the big day, its best to keep your colours fairly neutral. It’s always nice to have new make-up to wear on the day, so treat yourself to new eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, blusher and lipstick, choosing shades that have similar tones. Whenever you have time, practice applying one area of your make-up, such as your foundation, then another time work on your blusher or eye shadow until you build up the full picture.
  • One Month
    Have a complete run through of your make-up from start to finish so that you can gauge exactly how much time you will need to allow on the day. It’s a good idea to do your hair at the same time, especially if you’re going to need rollers as you’re hair is completely off your face so it’s the perfect opportunity to do your make-up. If, at this stage you know its taking too long, you’ve got time to simplify the process.
  • One Day
    Tidy your eyebrows and make sure you’ve got everything you’re going to need for the wedding day so there are no last minute panics.
    Don’t deviate from the make-up you have already chosen and rehearsed, as unplanned changes rarely work and you won’t have time to rectify mistakes. Ask your mother or chief bridesmaid to carry your powder compact and lipstick so you can touch-up during the day.
  • Foundations with a rosy tinge won’t warm up your complexion. Blushers and bronzers are designed to do this.
  • Test a new foundation on your cheek rather than on your hand or wrist where your skin tone is slightly different.
  • Always check the colour of the foundation in daylight (outside is best), as shop lighting can be harsh and deceptive.
  • Remember that skin tones change through the year so the foundation shade you bought for your winter colouring might be too pale for a summer wedding.
  • Make sure your foundation is compatible with your moisturiser as some combinations do not blend.
  • Ask for a sample to take home to test the colour match, skin compatibility, how long the foundation lasts, how it feels and how easy it is to apply.
  • If you’re looking for a new base, good foundations for summer brides include, Helena Rubenstein’s Translucence Light Perfecting Make-up and Rimmel’s Shine Control Foundation.
  • Do not forget to set your foundation with a dusting of loose translucent powder.


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