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 For Grooms Who Want To Get It Right – Here Are Our 20 Top Tips

Going Shopping can be overwhelming at the best of times but when it’s for such a big day, you’ll most probably need some help. Don’t feel bad about it, it’ll be far more fun and will prevent stress-induced bad buys. This is your big moment too and you want to get it right.

Don’t rush into anything. Take time to read lots of magazines for inspiration. If you’re still not getting anywhere, consult a professional style councillor and ignore this guide!

  • With the information gleaned from your research, set a realistic budget for your wedding outfit taking everything into account and stick to it, rigidly.
  • Start your shopping process well in advance of the wedding (preferably several months), particularly if you’re having something such as a waistcoat, frockcoat or Star Trek suit made, as your tailor will require lots of warning. The same applies if you are hiring an outfit – you might need to make alterations which take time.
  • Get yourself accurately measured for everything from waistcoats to suits.
  • Don’t buy anything tight fitting. it may give you bulges in all the right places but it is guaranteed to become devilishly uncomfortable after all that nuptial nosh and those bottles of bubbly!
  • Buy your wedding shoes at least a month before your wedding and wear them in as you don’t want to be begging the chief bridesmaid for elastoplasts at the reception. Not very manly.
  • Co-ordinate your outfit to your Bride’s by asking her for small details about her own dress. Whatever you do, don’t force information out of her or make her spill the beans if she really doesn’t want to. No does mean No, after all.
  • An ivory shirt looks better than a white one which can often look like something you would wear to the office.
  • Make sure you wash and iron your shirt the day before so that you don’t end up with unsightly, unironable fold marks.
  • Morning Suit wearers (Grooms, Best Men and Fathers of the Bride, traditionally) should remember that cravats are worn by the Groom and Best Man only. its ties for everyone else. Sorry Dad.
  • Morning Suit wearers should remember that traditionally, their coat should be black in the morning and grey in the afternoon.
  • Dinner Suits and black tie suits are generally reserved for formal evening do’s, although they are popular for Weddings in the U.S and abroad.
  • Always leave the bottom button of your waistcoat undone – but don’t ask why!
  • If you’re wearing a kilt, don’t be a true Scotsman. No undies in the presence of ladies and officers is very bad form.
  • Your buttonhole should be made of the same flowers as your bride’s bouquet.
  • Never have a waistcoat matching your tie and handkerchief. Instead, choose a colour from the waistcoat and select your tie accordingly.
  • If you’re wearing a cravat, ensure you wear a high-necked waistcoat so that the cravat can be tucked in neatly with minimal fear of escape.
  • Make sure your trousers are the right length, neither too long or too short and that the sleeves of your jacket allow for an inch of the shirt cuff to be seen.
  • Morning wear is not the only suit. Take on board every style of jacket available – from a lounge suit to a frockcoat or Nehru-style jacket but, above all, wear something you will feel comfortable in.
  • On the morning of the ceremony, don’t go to the pub to get some Dutch courage, go have a professional shave and manicure instead. That way you’ll be just as relaxed as if you’d downed a couple of pints, you don’t risk blood on your collar and your hands will look simply lovely when you exchange rings.



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